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module ffmpeg video conversion
Credits: zeos license LGPL 2.1



ffmpegInfo is running ffprobe.exe in the background to extract video file information, then parses the result once, when the program has completed its execution.


ffmpegConvert first run ffmpegInfo to extract videofile information, then, when it is completed, builds command line arguments, at the second stage the patch is starting ffmpeg.exe in background mode and parses in real-time the output (stdErr) to report the current progress, at the end plays the converted video file, hopefully ;)

You need:

Exec plugin contribution/exec

FFMPEG windows (static) binary fromhttp://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/

All in all this is an example for Exec node, how external programs can be used, it is not native c# binding to ffmpeg.

have fun

more information about ffmpeg (http://ffmpeg.org/legal.html)


31.10.12 [23:59 UTC] by zeos | 732 downloads

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metrowave: Thanks @Takuma, nice job!

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