» facade mapping, workshop at node 2013
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facade mapping, workshop at node 2013

demo node13
Credits: The concept is higly based on the 360° projection setup you will find here: http://vvvv.org/documentation/how-to-project-on-3d-geometry


This is all the material we used in the workshop which was based on this project: http://vimeo.com/59241974

I tried to clean up the example patch as good as possible and put some comments about what is actually happening.

Could use some generative content, so far it only uses example pictures.

The Folder is a bit large, because I implemented the original Cinema4D file, which shows how to uv map your model from the view of the camera/ viewers position.


25.03.13 [15:19 UTC] by kleinkariert | 0 downloads
collection of used material at the workshop

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