» DX11 Vertex Noise & Attractor Explode
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DX11 Vertex Noise & Attractor Explode

Credits: unc, vux and antokhio for testing and support.


Two GSFX (Geometry Shader) : Vertex Noise and an exploder with attractor 3D. Use GSFX like TextureFX, try to chain them in any order and see what you can discover. It works great with MRE and Surface3D.

Have fun.


14.12.13 [17:18 UTC] by newemka | 0 downloads
Added two examples using mesh files and animated effector center position
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12.12.13 [13:40 UTC] by sunep | 0 downloads
Added a Detonator patch as an example of how to make an explosion
12.12.13 [13:10 UTC] by lecloneur | 0 downloads

tekcor 12/12/2013 - 14:25

wow thanks!

m4d 12/12/2013 - 21:04

very cool! :)

Abduct 12/12/2013 - 22:28

Mmmm mmmm

hierro 28/12/2013 - 02:57

funky stuff :), im using it with MRE and i noticed that it leads to memory leak, i mean if i fileter geometries with noies&attractor, memory usage keeps on growing, if i just by pass it, everything stay calm, still didnt get what is the issue related.

hierro 28/12/2013 - 04:41

Looks like AutoLayout = 1 is responsible for memory usage grow, any suggestion ?

hierro 30/12/2013 - 13:24

Well looks like actually can be used only specifying layout manually :)

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