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tool anaglyph filmmaking stereoscopy
Credits: CTU - Czech Technical University Praguehttp://www.fel.cvut.cz


This program with Flash user interface lets you measure how big your parallax is. You can input screen size and expected cinema size. Then by mouse you find two same points on pictures from two cameras, mixed together in anaglyph, and you get final parallax.

Second mode allows you to set borders on scene, where actors can move to be in maximal and minimal parallax.

It takes picture from one or two cameras. (one camera is just for debugging as it is usually not enough in stereoscopy)


24.09.12 [14:16 UTC] by Martin Zrcek | 584 downloads

Martin Zrcek 25/09/2012 - 10:01

By the way, if some of you needed to translate it to english, tell me. I hope it's not necessary. M.

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