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Dissociated Press

plugin text remix
Credits: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dissociated_press


NB: updated! (i.e. done properly, not looking up all files every frame)

famous oldschool algorithm to remix texts, based on Markov chain technique.
finds similar patterns and glue them together seamlessly (more or less).
works with alphabetic languages or other sequences of symbols.
frequent usage may become pretty addictive behaviour ::]


18.04.16 [14:21 UTC] by eps | 301 downloads
ver 0.3, threaded
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16.04.16 [18:21 UTC] by eps | 139 downloads
ver 0.2

mrboni 17/04/2016 - 04:25

like so much i feel happen before now this what yes

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~7h ago

tonfilm: Just updated the CraftLie rendering pack to latest: craftlie-dx11-drawing-for-vl

~5d ago

microdee: 2 seconds later: I asked before googling, but why do you need OS support for texture compression?

~5d ago

microdee: what's BC7?

~5d ago

antokhio: https://aka.ms/AA65g28 upvote pls for bc7 support in windows

~6d ago

joreg: PSA: forum is back up and running!

~6d ago

manuel: that shaderFX looks great

~7d ago

joreg: PSA: the forum is currently down for maintainance. if all goes well it will be back up shortly..