» DeBayer (EX9.Texture Filter Bilinear)
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DeBayer (EX9.Texture Filter Bilinear)



Please note that pixels around the borders of the image are not treated correctly for now. they dont have all neighbourpixels so the averaging should be treated differently.


14.05.14 [12:53 UTC] by sebl | 887 downloads
v0.2 - includes corresponding DX11 DeBayer.tfx
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Debayer (EX9.Texture Filter Bilinear).zip
14.05.14 [11:38 UTC] by elektromeier | 566 downloads

kalle 31/07/2014 - 15:07

if you have problems using the dx9version with ATI-cards:

just edit Bayer2RGB.fx


VertexShader = compile vs_1_1 VS();
PixelShader  = compile ps_3_0 PS();


VertexShader = compile vs_3_0 VS();
PixelShader  = compile ps_3_0 PS();

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