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Candy Layers

Credits: code based on wood shader by vux. many thanks to joreg and tonfilm for effects workshop at node10!


Takes colors from 1D-texture and creates 3D layers of spherical shape (in world space) that go through the objects.
Any feedback or ideas how to improve are appreciated *~*


09.12.10 [14:59 UTC] by ain | 909 downloads
with offset
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06.12.10 [20:09 UTC] by ain | 687 downloads

bo27 07/12/2010 - 15:50


flateric 08/12/2010 - 09:06

Hey, like this shader very much.

Found one little problem, if the object is in the center then we lose the layers, so couldn't use it initially with a skybox (Sphere+WithinView). Also stripes doesn't move on a static object.

Simple way to get around it (and nice feature) is just to add an offset for the Pixel Pos.

float3 Offset;

Then in the pixel shader part, replace:

float3 PP = In.PixPos;


float3 PP = In.PixPos + Offset;

Then you can change stripes without the need to move the object.

Thanks for the contrib :)

ain 09/12/2010 - 15:57

thanks bo )

hi flateric,
i thought about transformation of the layers structure
and wanted to do it with transform, to suppot rotation also (when i tryed other shapes besides the sphere), but i can't use these matrices so easily yet...

As rotation really doesn't make sense with a sphere, your solution is better,
so i'll update it as you suggested,
thank you *

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