» Arduino Network Firmata - UPDATED
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Arduino Network Firmata - UPDATED

plugin arduino CustomFirmata Firmata network tcp
Credits: Credits go out to those who originally made the firmata pluging, and to those who made the CustomFirmata. I need no credits for this, as all i did was to modify some existing things. Basically, i just took the latest firmata plugin that vvvv had to offer, and made it work with "CustomFirmata", so u can use it via network.


It works with WIZ5100-based ethernet-shield, Arduino Ethernet, ENC28J60 or Yun, but right now, the arduino code is set up for the ENC28J60 as i used it.
If u need it for a different board, just modify the arduino code for your needs in "CustomFirmata" accordingly.
Then set it up with your custom ip, mac or whatever.
I have personally tested it with ENC28J60 and it works like the regular firmata.
It might also not connect right away, but it will connect, so, patience.
Oh, btw the arduino connects to the PC running running the vvvv plugin, so leave the plugin enabled.
Keep in mind to have the same port in both devices(pc, arduino), and the corresponding ips inserted.
Hope it work for you as it works for me.
PS: this is my first post, so don't really know if everything is forum-law-wise :D.


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sonofsnow 17/12/2015 - 13:41

I cant get this to compile. Wich IDE version did you use?

adybadi 24/12/2015 - 22:35

Hey, sorry for the long wait.
I'm currently using 1.0.5 .
For some reason it will not work on some newer versions.
Be sure to edit it acording to your needs, and characteristics.
And... happy holidays! :D

adybadi 29/01/2016 - 14:17

=UPDATE 01.2016=

 Hello everybody, a little update, since i'm no longer using the files i've uploaded.

This update contains the same patch i'm using to control an arduino mega, and the

 same custom_firmata i've uploaded on my mega. It is based on the new firmata update,
 version 2.8.0 which you can download here: 


 with the latest UIP protocol that you can find here: 


(you will need it if you use enc28j60, if not, it should work without it). The main difference,
is that this custom firmata is edited to auto-connect, and keep trying to connect if
it does not have a connection to your patch. It works better than the one prior to
this, as the prior would stop connecting if it would lose the connection(example:
patch quit, computer restart, power loss, cable unplug). This update, as tested by
me, will auto-connect no matter what happens to the connection. As before, be sure to
set your ips and read the comments for more configs. PS: this "ConfigurableFirmata"
was compiled and uploaded with IDE 1.6.7, and it should work fine with prior versions
of the IDE.

guest 10/07/2017 - 15:16

//replace with ip of server you want to connect to, comment out if using 'remote_host'

  1. define remote_ip IPAddress(1, 1, 1, 3)

How to correctly setUp Ip server?? Do you have an a example??

andresc4 10/07/2017 - 15:23

Hey great work!!!
Do you know if by any chance this is compatible with this ?

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