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Allen & Heath XONE K2 Midi Mapper

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Heres a Midi-Mapper for the Allen & Heath XONE K2 Midi-Controller. It only supports one layer by now, so the latching function won't work too...

But I think it still provides a lot of controls.

Some infos:

  • The MIDI Channel of the K2 has to be Zero and Latching must be switched off.
  • Just connect the elements you want to control to the desired outputs.
  • Switchable Bang/Toggles on all Pads, just use the two Bang/Toggle boxes.
  • Two Patches: "XONE K2 MidiCompact.v4p", a very "dense" patch (e.g. to use it in another patch,and "XONE K2 Midi.v4p" in which it is clearer to understand what is going on, so you can improve it.
  • The endless Knobs didn't work as they should, so they can only be used as bangs.

I hope you enjoy it!


XONE K2 Midi Mapper.7z
09.05.14 [14:30 UTC] by Element | 452 downloads

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