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AIIR (Animation).v4p

module filter adaptive IIR damper smooth
Credits: credits to tonfilm for the original inspiration!


AIIR (Animation).v4p - an Adaptive Infinite Impulse Response Filter

simplified and short:
a IIR Filter with dynamic delay ratio.

the delay ratio depends on the Input's Frame Velocity.

small framedifference --> strong filtering
large framediffence --> almost no filtering.

this way
noise is filtered smoothly
but peaks can pass almost unfiltered.

credits to tonfilm for the original inspiration!
back then in 2007 i HAD to put this into a module.


AIIR (Animation).zip
21.07.14 [17:06 UTC] by kalle | 534 downloads

tekcor 23/07/2014 - 23:20

ah nice i wrote this in java for an android app around this time and since then was thinking that it would be great in vvvv. awesome!

it is very good for accelerometers

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