» a simple mandelbox with two additinal foldings (mengerfold 1+2)
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a simple mandelbox with two additinal foldings (mengerfold 1+2)

Credits: this mandelbox is a shadetoy-adaption in hlsl. there you can find a lot of boxes in glsl. mandelboxes are much more stabile for audio-experiments than manfdelbulbs. on the shadertoy-sides you can visit a "music-mandelbox" that pulsates to any music complete as a whole.


a simple mandelbox that can be easily expanded with hlsl code. it is very robust against various inputs. both in terms of morphing for visual purposes or the integration of audio data as shape-defining parameters.
if you have questions contact me by email.


07.08.21 [23:52 UTC] by udo2013 | 122 downloads
an adaption of a simple shadetoy-mandelbox (by udo kaiser)

tgd 11/08/2021 - 16:39

why no fancy preview image?

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~8h ago

joreg: @barbarerik maybe this one helps: vvvv-beta\girlpower\VL\Curves\SplineTree

~23h ago

barbarerik: Can somebody point me to example how to Bezier in Gamma? some example of how to connect nodes. Thanks

~1d ago

karistouf: @joreg, thank you

~1d ago

joreg: @karistouf there are no freeframes in x64 but you can use Contours via VL.OpenCV in VL!

~1d ago

karistouf: is there any contour.dll (FreeFrame) in x64 ? thank you

~3d ago

joreg: @qoupas i'm afraid this is a rather unspecific question. please start a forum thread with more details so we can help you.

~4d ago

qoupas: Hi, which nodes to use to parse real time data from a webpage ?

~9d ago

joreg: Happy and new, the #vvvv gamma 2021.4.4 release is out now: https://thegraybook.vvvv.org/changelog/2021.4.html

~19d ago

skyliner: happy new year evvvveryone!