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3D Surfaces



This is a straight port from the old contribution made by sanch, desaximundi and tonfilm in 2007 (see legacy shaders) in DX9. More than 50 differents surfaces now with gsfx for DX11!
As we have now DX11 and GeometryShaderFX it has a huge potential, you can use it like any other standard 3D primitives (grid, box, sphere, etc.). Try it with Microdee's DX11 MRE and have fun !


20.09.13 [13:55 UTC] by lecloneur | 1352 downloads

viruslin 29/09/2013 - 09:14

Yes,I see many great gsfx file, but why it is just white wire frame model, like the picture below:

Noir 29/09/2013 - 11:57

Try it with Microdee's DX11 MRE and have fun !

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h99: Moon, dammit

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h99: NASA's CGI Monn kit https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/4720

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joreg: Two #vvvv workshops this week in #berlin: Friday: Physical Computing, Saturday: Computer Vision. Tickets: upcoming-full-day-vvvv-gamma-workshops-in-berlin

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joreg: @cznickesz also feel free to join our chat for such questions: chat

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cznickesz: @joreg: Yeah, I´ll give it a try! Thx

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joreg: @cznickesz: we're hoping this week. but depends on feedback. please test your project and let us know if it works.

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cznickesz: @joreg: I should stop asking my questions so cryptic ;-) So right away: is final Beta39 hours, days or weeks away?

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joreg: @cznickesz: the idea of an RC is exactly to make sure your projects will work with it. your last chance to report problems with b39.

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cznickesz: So how "RC" is the "RC3"? I have to update an old project soon and I´m wondering if I should wait and directly update to Beta39