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Multi-touch experiences

Saint Petersburg


Ivan Raster software lab has acquired at least one vvvv license within the last year.



Architectural Light Studio
posted on 15.04.14

Ivan Raster software lab creates content for electronic exhibits in museums and exhibitions.

Delivers interactive products to your area:

  • Interactive applications mostly for multi-touch experiences.
  • Powerful management tools for the interactive applications: content management system, feedbacks server, statistic server, individual APIs.

Provides production & support services at your time zone:

  • All-in-one production services from content analytics & prototyping to design & programming to setup & support.
  • Flexible team service to join a project on any stage or to do a part of a bigger project.
  • Allow customers to specify original task after the start, to apply unlimited edits and to delay launch up to 9 months with saving the original price of the contract.
  • Free improvements in the project within 120 days after launch.
  • Final payment up to 60 days after delivery.
  • Urgent support in the first 13 months and a lifetime warranty.

Ivan Raster is vvvv fortress in St.Petersburg, Russia:

  • biggest commercial user in the area
  • invests in contributions
  • hosts vvvv educational programs and meetups
  • helps people from vvvv community to get best touristic experience in St.Petersburg region

Feel free to contact us for best commercial, educational or touristic experience office@ivanraster.com

There is an independent Ivan Raster franchise at The U.S.

To get great multi-touch experience at any city in the States from East to West coasts and from Canada to Mexico, please contact michael@ivanraster.com. All services terms from above, including unlimited edits and a lifetime warranty, applied to The U.S.

Лицензии vvvv для юридических лиц в РФ

Мы продаем лицензии vvvv юридическим лицам по безналичному расчету в рублях и с закрывающими документами! Настоящая лицензия от vvvv group и полностью белая отчетность по стандартам РФ на лучших в стране условиях: предоплата 100%, поставка от 1 до 10 дней, расчет в рублях по курсу ЦБ + комиссия 10%, без НДС.
Телефон: +7(812) 448-26-99

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~4h ago

joreg: reminder: this wednesday #vvvv meetup nr 8 in #berlin 8-berlin-vvvv-meetup

~1d ago

metrowave: Yes, thanks for the streamming.

~3d ago

Hadasi: ...classic

~3d ago

Hadasi: @welove the videos are still up there https://www.twitch.tv/wirmachenbunt/videos

~3d ago

welovemedia: Big thanks for the stream, will this stay online or be shared as a download for those who could not watch it live?

~3d ago

CeeYaa: Big THX for the daylong streaming - and amazing Project Insights https://www.twitch.tv/videos/412932722

~4d ago

u7angel: twitch livestream vvvv gamma

~5d ago

u7angel: @domj, sure

~5d ago

domj: @u7angel: nice! How about the talk later at 7?

~5d ago

u7angel: vvvv-gamma-presentation will be streamed on twitch, starts 2pm, channel name is vvvv gamma