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Estado Lateral

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Buenos Aires


Estado Lateral has acquired at least one vvvv license in the past.



Estado Lateral Media Lab explores the convergence between art, science, and technology to engage the imagination of the audience by stimulating their sensory perception by relating actions of every day life with virtually constructed environments to produce unprecedented and new interactive experiences.

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~2h ago

ggml: how to hide vl window from vvvv ?

~22h ago

CeeYaa: https://experiments.withgoogle.com/collection/ai/move-mirror/view Skeleton Tracking with my Browser - cool AI stuff

~2d ago

woei: everyone who likes or has to work with 3d models: something you might wanna try scenegraph

~4d ago

tonfilm: Saving and loading your own data types to disk was never easier: vl-serialization #vvvv #vl #dotNet #visualprogramming

~6d ago

stulloyd: @dominikKoller my little brother works for them.

~11d ago

vasilis: @readme I already did this...but when I reopen my patch and make some changes I press save all..and then the same again. It opens 2

~11d ago

readme: vasilis, Alt+R in your vvvv instance, delete it from vvvv root, save. Otherwise vvvv loads up the patch by default.