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A Creative Innovations Studio

Beermannstraße 8
12435 Berlin


000.graphics has not acquired a vvvv license yet.



000.graphics is a studio for creative innovations.
The studio was founded by David Gann who is intensively working in the field of interface design, interactive media, data-visualization and real-time computer graphics.

We provide international clients with complete software and hardware solutions, such as ideation and concept development.
Our services and products can be applied to a wide range of use cases.

For more information please visit our page http://000.graphics/ or write us direcetly to 000@000.graphics.

this page is maintained by 000.graphics, tekcor.

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~11h ago

StiX: @vnm there is contrib, just search forums and page

~19h ago

vnm: Hi! How can I get PC-name in VVVV?

~1d ago

mediadog: @fleg Yes, will be premiering a new public work at Times Square the 25th - drop a line!

~2d ago

vasilis: Really nice!

~3d ago

fleg: Hi all! Anybody in New York and up for a beer? I´ll be there from 19th-30st.

~4d ago

ravazquez: @sebescudie that's awesome! We need the same for patches...