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Weightlifting through brainwaves? No problem. Together with and das Santos we developed a mobile setup, where two players could engage in a mental high-striker contest. While the opponents are solving several brain-teasing tasks their brain activity is measured, evaluated and used to control the ascent and descent of apparently hovering discs. May the more alert mind win.

Intolight, Tuesday, Mar 21st 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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Unser Projekt schafft eine direkte Verbindung zwischen einer analogen Eingabe und einer digitalen Reaktion und erzeugt dadurch eine ganz eigene Interaktivität.
Gemalt wird mit einem schwarzen Stift auf Transparentpapier, welches sich beliebig weiter abrollen lässt, um kontinuierlich neue Bilder zu ermöglichen. Die digitalen Erweiterungen werden von Hinten auf die Zeichenfläche projiziert.

Dadurch werden die gezeichneten Bilder zeitgleich durch ein digitales Bild erweitert. Zudem wird aus dem Bild ein individueller, mit jedem veränderten Bild, neuer Sound erzeugt.

Die Zeichnungen sind ein bleibendes Fragment des intermedialen Wechselspiels der Installation.

von Yannick Kaiser und Dunja S. Jürgensen

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Media Installation at Erbach Castle Museum / Odenwald / Germany

Art Direction and Motion Design for M Box

Endkunde: Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Hessen
Agentur: Sichau und Walter
Konzept/Regie: Sabine Retschitzegger + Niko Wahl
Text: Niko Wahl
Creative Director: Martin Retschitzegger
Musik: m box / Michael Peter
360° Soundmischung: Taucher Sound Environments
Design: Armin Keplinger
Art Direction: Helmut Breineder
Format: 15 x HD / 5 Stelen / 10 x LED-Stripes / 20 Kanal Sound
Länge: 8 Minuten (Loop)

For more detailed information visit www.m-box.de

credits microdee for emeshe


Themed around dog that was saved from this building doring huge flood in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Water is simulated in blender then played as series of mashes encapsulated in FBX file, worked like a charm but I am using low poly aesthetics to keep things fast and simple.

Because i am using Emeshe, i had to generate the first pass with classic camera instead of LookAtRect (shadows are mess otherwise), workflow for mapping looks like this: camera image, then distorted to make"ortho" image, then mapped with homography and set alpha fx with gradients as control

StiX, Tuesday, Mar 21st 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 2 comments  

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Video loop sample

visuals by Quayola & Sinigaglia


credits evvvvil - visuals / code oddjohn - music

Cynical-more-than-clinical raymarching distance fucking fields mixed with mundane polygonal noodle bullshit for lack of better post-modern essay-driven justification & mumbo-jumbo rhetoric to stroke the ego of the pretentious well-to-do norfolk-born east-london gentrificators & latte-sipping, designer-beard-stroking grueling pseudo-art clique.
Made for our own amusement, well, I was trying to impress this girl but she's only interested in weight-lifting and Ron Pearlman's gas tank.

Made in: TouchDesigner, OpenFrameWorks, CINDER, Processing using Spout, Resolame, MS PAINT, Microsoft Windows 95, Excel, Power Point to C++ exporter, Unity lame engine, EROTICA body fluid simulator, and half a sausage.

Watch the video and post it on your facebook or Pedro will kick the shit out of your hamster.

We are now taking bookings for your kids birthday parties, gas mask not included.

Special thankx to: VUX, Kyle McLean and Inigo Quilez.

sea of shrooms
evvvvil, Sunday, Mar 5th 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 2 comments  

credits dx11, InstancedNoodles, Emeshe, vAudio

Hello ravvvvers, I was asked to do a short video for Repitch recordings label, experimental techno label from Berlin!

I made a longer blog post on medium about my workflow and modules I used, check it out!


StiX, Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

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The Mylar Topology is an audio-visual performance work intended for panoramic projection (3 screen span) and spatial sound. The piece synchronizes binaural drones with generative video simulations of liquid forms (abstracted and distorted)

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The works' liquefied polychromatic psychedelia are minimal subjective interpretations of the reflective properties of Mylar sheets. After I saw Ira Cohen's lysergic film 'Invasion of the Thunderbolt Pagoda' I learned he filmed it by pointing his camera at reflections of distorted Mylar sheets to create visual effects. The Mylar Topology is both a reflection and distortion of a (non visible) luminosity point that exists beyond/outside the screen.

Paul Prudence, Tuesday, Feb 21st 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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Zeit/fenster – an interactive Installation

(EN) Inspired by a legend about the Unterberg – which is rumored to have mystical powers, extraordinary time perceptions and even time holes – the interactive installation “Zeitfenster” (time window) enables an encounter with the past. And, at the same time, sends a message to the future. This creates a communication space with a different time. Between several viewers, communication chains can emerge which are passed on by viewers to viewers.

(DE) Inspiriert von einer Legende über den Untersberg – dem mystische Kräfte und außergewöhnliche Zeitwahrnehmungen bis hin zu Zeitlöchern nachgesagt werden – ermöglicht die interaktive Installation „Zeitfenster“ das Zusammentreffen mit der Vergangenheit. Und sendet gleichzeitig eine Nachricht in die Zukunft. So entsteht ein Kommunikationsraum mit einer anderen Zeit. Zwischen mehreren Betrachter können Kommunikationsketten entstehen die von Betrachter zu Betrachter weitergegeben werden.

Benjamin Hohnheiser

Concept & Realisation:
Benjamin Hohnheiser
Alessandro Maggioni

Benjamin Hohnheiser
Tebjan Halm
Matthias Husinsky
Daniel Huber

starry Background Motion Graphics:
Jörg Barton

Additional Mountain & Starry Sky Video Footage:
Layback / Mazwai, Christophe Tauziet / Mazwei
Extracted from collage, CC Attribution license 3.0 , https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0

documentation soundtrack:
Fobee – Tender Lips

very special thanks to:
Daniel Huber, Jörg Barton, Kerstin Unger, vvvv,
Schmiede Hallein, Rüdiger Wassibauer, Show2Go,
everybody in the video, and all other Smiths …

… but not to the cat

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weareallclowns: has anyone used avr-gcc with vvvv? thinking about uploading a vvvv sketch to arduino

~2d ago

motzi: @udo2013: you can't change the resolution of the standard DX11 renderer (res=window size). use temptarget renderer + preview instead

~2d ago

Tamoeba Kale: Is it possible that i am missing thew whole "animation" category nodes? how?

~3d ago

udo2013: hello. is there a way to change the fullscreen resolution of renderer dx11? found no possibility + can not be opened.

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tekcor: @joreg vl.glTF loader looks intense inside, but is red in b36.

~3d ago

MultiNIL: @joreg sure!

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joreg: @MultiNIL supa! can we have this as a gallery entry? 24

~4d ago

MultiNIL: forgot to share: our very first vvvv project, digital-hybrid-airhockey-table: https://vimeo.com/210617286 making of: https://vimeo.com/269974764

~4d ago

dawoof: looking for a VJ/performer for the 1st of june for 1 hour in Amsterdam for a Conference, Hit me up +649241940

~4d ago

tekcor: @joreg cool seems like i missed that one. such a good shader resource