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This is a project I have been working a long time ago. Its a system where visuals react to the changes made on the music. The idea is to be able to only play music and have a visual content generated that correlates to the sound.

It's using vvvv and ableton live

manuel, Monday, Mar 27th 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 1 comments  

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Realtime generative piece made for outdoor terrace projection, Gazgolder Club, Moscow 04.03.2017
Music: Hybrid Laisureland - Gentleness Color https://soundcloud.com/ultimae/sets/scroll-slide

IdwyR, Tuesday, Mar 21st 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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Sound / Vision Project at the Muthesius Academy of fine arts and Design in Kiel. Twitch interacts with people in visual and auditive ways by challenging them to approach the installation despite immense noise and vibration.

by Katharina Graff, Henrik Von der Lieth and Hermann Hartung

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Merging real and virtual space. A quick prototype showing the combination of our new toolkit DX11.Particles and HTC Vive + Kinect.

More information: http://bit.ly/dx11particles
Download dx11.particles: dx11.particles

Music by Jacob Stoy.

Intolight, Tuesday, Mar 21st 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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Studio Joanie Lemercier
Screenless projection experiments - 2017

Music: U12, excerpt from Terminus Drift
by Joshua Sabin - Subtext recordings

This is NOT a hologram !

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Fantastic Voyage takes visitors on a virtual journey through the abstract interior of a sculpture. Inspired by the possibilities opened up by modern endoscopes, visitors are given a tool that brings this reactive world to life using the power of light. Their generative environment changes as they interact with it, revealing new forms and patterns and bringing the world to life. Each visitor creates their own immersive narrative. The sculpture itself is also filled with living light that mirrors the visitors’ journey of exploration and displays it to the outside world, making the exhibit into a hybrid between a sculptural artwork and a medium of communication for sharing the fantastic voyages. The artwork is inspired by the Olympus endoscopes which shows smallest changes during the medical test already with the help of the optical zoom and narrowband filters.

The custom software, developed in vvvv, allows the player to discover a generative world, which grows and becomes alive as one explores this cavelike sculpture. Together with Kling Klang Klong we developed an interactive sound scape, that creates an immersive, binaural experience.


SOUND DESIGN: Kling Klang Klong

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Dans le cadre de la campagne BIG NOEL ORANGE, PUBLICIS SHOPPER a choisi AC3 STUDIO pour assurer la création du BIG SAPIN. Un Sapin digital géant de 18 mètres de hauteur situé au dessus du nouveau flagship Opéra à Paris et piloté depuis la rue via une application dédiée.

Client : ORANGE

Account Director : Antoine CLERGEOT

Production : AC3 STUDIO
Design : Vincent COUTELIN
Production Director : Marie BESSE
Administrative Direction : Aida HANNACHI
Electronic conception : Jean-Rémy PEROT, Félix ARGUILLERE
Technical Direction : Vincent COUTELIN & Jean Francois ESTEVE
App development : Charles SADOUL
Character Design and Visual Animation : Marie DECLERCK, Louis SIMON & Benjamin CHASSAGNE
Construction & Set-up : Vincent COUTELIN, Félix ARGULLERE, Victor BREITENBACH, Roman DE VILLENEUVE, Jean-Rémy PEROT, Rémi GROSSON
Structure : ENTREPOSE
Climbers : VERSANT
Electric Supply : POWERSHOP
Filmed and Edited by : Pascal MONTARY & Adrien LACHAPPELLE

AC3 STUDIO, Tuesday, Mar 21st 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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DX11.Particles is our very own tool for great visuals and animations. We asked some friends to try out the software. The show reel above is showing some of the awesome results by antokhio, blenderich, tmp, everyoneishappy, korai, noir, schnellebuntebilder and superbien.

With DX11.Particles we created a cutting-edge computational tool that generates, animates, controls, and interprets pointclouds and particle systems. With its wide array of possible behaviours and advanced grouping methods, DX11.Particles offers a wide spectrum of great visual aesthetics to make sure the audience or users never get bored. It allows us to both generate or finely detect and track physical objects and bodies in 3D space, interpreting them as ever-changing clouds of three-dimensional pixels, and process either blazingly fast on any modern graphics card. The technology allows the usage of Microsoft’s Kinect camera to obtain and process 3D data in real-time, to find meaning in space. DX11.Particles scales well because calculation is done by the GPU. Additionally, even multiple point clouds can be pre-filtered and joined through your local network. That’s why for larger setups we can easily combine multiple computers and fuse many cameras and perspectives in one application.

We decided to release the code, so other people can learn and benefit from it, too.
For commercial use; however, please contact us at license (at) intolight.de

Download particles: dx11.particles
More Information: http://bit.ly/dx11particles
Thanks go out to CVBOX for his track "i.v.Box" (released on Uncanny Valley).

Intolight, Tuesday, Mar 21st 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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Parrainé par IBL

Pour cette deuxième édition du Festival Porlwi by Light, à l’Île Maurice, AC3 Studio propose un parcours visuel, sonore et interactif sous forme d'expériences collectives où la technologie s'efface au profit des relations humaines.

Nous tenons à remercier et à féliciter toute l'équipe du Festival pour l'énergie et le professionnalisme déployés sans faille dans la mise en oeuvre de cet événement ambitieux.

Captation video et photos : Pascal MONTARY


De 1864 à 1964 le chemin de fer s’étend d’est en ouest et du nord au sud de l'Île pour transporter les passagers entre les villes, et les cannes à sucre entre les usines et le port. A Port-Louis, la gare centrale est située dans le bâtiment nommé la « Gare Victoria » qui abrite également le « Railway Head Quarters ». En tant que telle, la gare est la plus importante de l’île et contient un dépôt – cet ancien terminal ferroviaire – pour les locomotives et wagons qui se déplacent à travers l’île.

Commissioned by IBL

For this second edition of the Porlwi by Light Festival, in Mauritius, AC3 Studio presents a visual and interactive journey trough four collective experiences where technology disappears to promote human relationships.

We would like to thank and congratulate the entire festival team for their energy and professionalism deployed in the production of this ambitious event.

AC3 STUDIO, Tuesday, Mar 21st 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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matka: Massive thanks to developers for the latest release.

~1d ago

joreg: in case you missed the news so far: vvvv 50beta36 is out now: vvvv50beta36 #vvvv

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stulloyd: 19/announcing-microsoft-directx-raytracing/

~3d ago

colorsound: @nsynk team. I sent you email about the optitrack at the store. Did you receive it? Thanks.

~4d ago

dominikKoller: vvvv Academy is going on Tour - and looking for partners to host a course! vvvv-academy-on-tour

~6d ago

joreg: another release candidate is out for the weekend: beta36-release-candidate #vvvv please test and report!