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We produced this exhibit for Copyright Communication in 2019. The user can choose between 6 opponents, racing against a magnetic rail driven Porsche Taycan. Guess who always wins :) Our work included rendering the high definition image sequences and programming the visual and physical part of the exhibit.

commissioned by copyright communication
3D artist // Michel Magens
vvvv developer // Nils Nahrwold
production // Barbara Engler

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The first solo exhibition by VOLNA, presenting a reconstruction of the art collective's major works from 2016 – present in a virtual space.

The exhibition spaces and installations were created using video game development tools (Unreal Engine) that simulate real-time scenes and lighting effects. Exhibition visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the surroundings of each installation and can move freely in the room and choose any observation point.

The exhibition’s initiators and creators are VOLNA, an art collective from St. Petersburg, Russia. Since its formation in 2016, the group has dedicated itself to creating light art that incorporates interdisciplinary artistic practices and new technologies. The artists are known for their unusual exhibition formats, monumental installations and scenographic creations for the electronic music scene. Throughout its four years of existence, VOLNA has maintained financial and aesthetic independence by creating 17 light installations and over 30 stage designs for festivals and performances.

The following works were reconstructed for the exhibition: the audiovisual installations NEUBAU (2016), Powerline (2017) and Rotor (2018), the light installation Octave (2018), the installation Vague (2019), and two kinetic light installations, Duel (2019) and Nymphéas (2020).

Despite the site-specific nature of the works, the overarching artistic principle behind all of them is the search for a universal language of pure forms. These forms, which correspond to the abstract subjects of the installations, are refined during an extensive detailing process, minimalistic in their expressiveness and often even have a functional nature.

The primary expressive element in VOLNA's work is light and its various characteristics, its interaction with space, as well as its movement, the rhythm of chiaroscuro and the way chiaroscuro scenarios unfold in relation to time. Some works include synchronized sound, created to interact closely with the light’s dramaturgy. The virtual exhibition space itself is heterotopic and at the same time proportional to the original exhibition locations. The model exhibits displayed inside it are as close as possible to their real prototypes and preserve the original structural details, including the nature of the lighting and scenarios behind each of the live installations. The original sound design and ambient sound environments are reproduced, and each work’s context and theme are discussed in an accompanying text.

This online exhibition represents the first time VOLNA’s enthusiasm for pragmatic production processes has been reflected in a simulated world. For this reason, only works that were realized in the material world were selected for display. The exhibition is characterized by the presence of real space, living according to its own laws in another (virtual) space, as well as the merging of virtual and real spaces, a synthesis of various methods for transmitting information and their hypertextuality. As media historian Norbert Bolz once put it, in media reality “thematically structured visual worlds are supposed to bring a surreal condensation of the experience: more real than reality.”

Accepting this challenge, the exhibition Keep Yourself Clean attempts to embrace all the real and virtual layers of information that make up each of the works, and then let the works themselves become the determinants of perception. With their help, each of the contexts will “re-sort” in the virtual world, rethink and obey the laws of perception, and each work, in turn, will become an experience of sensory contemplation. We hope this experience will be personal and genuine for each viewer.

Concept, production and video by VOLNA
Music by Benoît Pioulard

Nikita Golyshev, Snezhana Vinogradova, Yana Cheklina, Dmitri Gavkaliuk, Ekaterina Morzobitova, Alexey Beliakov

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this project:
Pavel Golubev, Alexander Felch, Galina Polikarpova, Justina Fink, Martin Baumeister, Polina Korotaeva, Konstantin Stavrov, Olga Bulatova, Valentina Rusinova, Pavel Arsenev,
Konstantin Goriachev, Lev Goloviznin, Eugene Novikov

Special thanks to everyone who tested the game:
Polina Boikova, Agata Semenova, Ksenia Soldatova, Konstantin Tretiak, Ivan Fedorenko

Very special thanks to Kiberchaika for the
backend and technical support.

Very special thanks to William Cohen
for translation and editing.

And particular appreciation to Dr. Angelika Eder
and Justina Fink for their support.

© VOLNA (2020) © Benoît Pioulard (2010)


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Watch on Vimeo

Live Perfomance
VVVV W1920.0*3 x H1080.0*3 x D∅ pix (each)
©the dust by dupengcheng 2020.

杜鹏程, Sunday, Nov 1st 2020 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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TAU is a composition environment focused on generative music.
It incorporates a finite state machine and complex behaviours can be made easily.

lasal, Wednesday, Oct 14th 2020 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

Watch on Vimeo

TAU is a composition environment focused on generative music.
It incorporates a finite state machine and complex behaviours can be made easily.

lasal, Wednesday, Oct 14th 2020 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

credits Joanna Krzyszton & Grzegorz Rogala

link to project page

We hold our breath in fear when inhaling and exhaling becomes dangerous. In today's world, we cannot breathe freely, we have limited the possibility of a normal life for the common good. Connected by the Internet, we can still communicate and see each other. The pandemic is a great trial and a lesson in coexistence. Now, more than ever ,we realize that everything and everyone is interconnected, interdependent and responsible for the entire planet.
link to project page

rogalag, Monday, Oct 5th 2020 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

credits (see below)

Austrias tallest building has a new attraction!
The foyer houses a brand new interactive installation designed and programmed by Responsive Spaces. While a weather-proof camera on the very top of the building constantly captures the view of Vienna, a stunning LED wall in the foyer slices and combines thousands of those images in real time into a vibrant and ever-moving piece of art. Using position tracking, busy people rushing by, can take a minute to explore how their beloved city morphed overnight or thru the seasons.

Client: CBRE GmbH

Location: DC Tower, Vienna. 2020

Hardware: main technische Dienstleistung GmbH

Concept & Creation: Responsive Spaces
(Markus Pargfrieder, Wolfgang Maier, Katharina Mayrhofer)

Design: Responsive Spaces
(Katharina Mayrhofer, Andrea Maderthaner, Martin Zeplichal)

Realization: Responsive Spaces
(Katharina Mayrhofer, Martin Zeplichal)

Photos & Video: Eyup Kuş

zepi, Tuesday, Sep 29th 2020 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 1 comments  

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WALK” is an interactive installation designed and developed by Adobe Creative Resident Takuma Nakata in collaboration with Patricia Reiners. It investigates the possibilities of experiencing motion as a continuous walk in cities. The idea to generate WALK was inspired by our feeling of crowdedness and wish for capturing the time present in cities.

Machine Learning
The installation uses the advances in artificial intelligence which en-able algorithms to recognize and simulate time and movement using machine learning algorithm to detect human bodies and movement.

User Experience
Integrating an intuitive user experience to engage the user. On two screens the user can adjust the density of the image capturing as well as the style. This installation was designed in Adobe XD.

Machine Learning and the visual parts we're all made using vvvv beta and vl using YOLO Detectiona and many other plugins such as Particle packs, Instance Noodles and so on. Tiny UI was made using Intel NUC and Adobe XD.

Design & Development by Takuma Nakata
UX / UI Design Patricia Reiners
Art Direction: Yuta Ichinose
Music: Julien Miere

Takuma Nakata, Monday, Sep 21st 2020 Digg | Tweet | Delicious comments on vimeo  

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