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Artwork for the Aurora Festival for Animation Art in Norwich UK


Croppings of two of eno's ultra large drawings were used across all print and online media as the Aurora festival's key visual. For the festival trailer he developed a moving version of my drawings. Ingolf made the generative sound.

Project Page

milo, Thursday, Dec 6th 2007 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

In Florenz Italy opened a new space for contempory art la Strozzina at Palazzo Strozzi. For the first exhibition “EMOTIONAL SYSTEMS Contemporary Art Between Emotion and Reason” Franziska Nori asked me to develop a Installation to visualize some of the contents of the exhibit. I developed an Interactive Wall which allows up to eight Visitor to navigate the contents created by Franzisak Nori and Dr. Martin Steinhoff. When a word is touched its implications show up or another content of a connected Layer moves to the center. The contents are related with the different factors of influence on the production of Art.


korriander, Thursday, Dec 6th 2007 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

vitamin B is a project to explore digital and tangible reading. It is an interactive table with tangible interface objects to browse bookpages and libraries. We developed this project during a two week prototyping workshop at Umea Institut of Design, Sweden.

We used Arduino, Fiducials and a Griffin Powermate as inputs.

I am really happy about what we got out of these two weeks and thinking about making a major project out of this. So ideas and critiques are highly welcome!

see the video here!

Jannes, Friday, Nov 30th 2007 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

„… diese drei vier Monate, die wir getrennt sind, das ist wie ein Winterschlaf.“ (Boris, 36, Beziehung Berlin-Melbourne)

(c) Alexander Paul Englert

For the performance / play "living apart together" by director Raman Zaya, a digital video control system was realized within vvvv.

Team: David Bruell, Ingolf Heinsch, Thomas Hitthaler - project page

milo, Monday, Nov 26th 2007 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Everything is subject to change.
The harmony of things is contained in their perennial change.
This change is not random or chaotic; it is governed by precise rhythms.
πάντα ῥει is an eternal flow, constantly evolving, never equal to himself.

πάντα ῥει is a project by Pedro Mari aka defetto, realized within vvvv.

It will be exhibited at C.Stem2007, Turin, Italy.

You can find some shotz in this flickr set, a video will be up soon.

Thanks to Ken Perlin.

defetto, Wednesday, Nov 7th 2007 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

world of aec

(documentation)video-archives of the 25 years of ars electronica installed in shanghai at the ars electronica special exhibition within the eArts festival 2007. each entry is linked to its categories and its division of aec. randomly videos popup - up to three videos at the time.
interactive version not yet public.

curve_shader mod for connections shader for image and videodisplay (fog and DOF), information via xml

rough videocut here
more photos of the exhibition here

vvvv by woei

ars electronica animation festival07

sujet, jingle & inserts. over 200 randomgenerated titleinserts for screening during the festival. jingle sounddesign by mes.

rosecurve-vertexshader (calculation of normals is not yet correct...)
Text ex9.metrix mod for the text

video here

vvvv by woei


semantic net about massive multiplayer online games. entries connected to categories and genres. random popup of entries revealing more details. random focus of cats and genres attracting appendant games.

Text ex9 metrix mod
curve shader mod
info retrieved from a mysql-db

vvvv by woei


reactive 'binary' clock at the foyer of linz' spitz hotel.

vvvv by zepi
custom built c++ application for cameratracking

more details here

woei, Tuesday, Nov 6th 2007 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

digital archives

access the archive of 20 years of prix ars electronica animations. Nearly all prizewinning works submitted under the category animation can be chosen from a wall (pda - rfid), loaded onto an interface on a table and selected for viewing (approximation sensors).

networkcommunication, selection-interface and videoplayer done in vvvv
pda application c++ and flash

since 2006
vvvv work by woei


One side of an elevator was made of glass so you could look into the shaft seeing a projection on a nearby wall. since the projector was mounted on the elevator, kind of an xray-viewing impression was evoked. going with that elevator, you'd see a ink-painted flower growing inside the wall according to the vertical position. videos could be changed by using buttons of normal buttons of the lift.

sensory stuff c++, data processing & visual output vvvv

2006 only
vvvv work by woei


Laying printed cards on the table, additional virtual cards appear on the table at the position of the real one. the rotation sets the focus on the virtual content (text, pictures, videos).

custom two camera artoolkit tracking: c++
dataprocessing & visual output:vvvv

since 2005
vvvv work by Stefan Schilcher, rework by woei

u19 wall of fame

triple projection showing all prix award winners of the category u19

since 2005
by Stefan Schilcher

these are only the internal projects done for the museum. maybe other artists used vvvv as well...dunno.
and very sorry for the superdelay. more projects coming...

woei, Saturday, Oct 6th 2007 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

WiiWiiWiiWii. An instrument for generating synesthetic contents.

Software: vvvv, Max/MSP, Reason
Hardware: Mac, Pc, 4 Wiimotes

Project website

defetto, Thursday, Sep 27th 2007 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  


The Future Ocean Exhibition is constantly evolving and growing. The very latest module we made is the ARGO realtime float display. To cut the story short, ARGO is an international program to monitor the entire global ocean with the help of so called floats, little torpedo-lookalikes filled with sensors and communication stuff.

Every float dives down to 2000m level and drifts for about 10 days with the current. After this period the float surfaces and measures temperature and salinity related to pressure. Once the metal bugger reaches the surface, all the collected data is being send via satellite to a collecting point. And that’s where this installation drops in.

The ARGO realtime float display shows all the latest data in a nice graphical fashion. Everytime a float sends new data, a window pops up and shows the temperature and salinity graph of this location. In addition you see the ID, longitude, latitude and time of broadcast.

tom duscher chris engler timo schuhmacher

u7angel, Sunday, Aug 26th 2007 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

House Party is an interactive installation that uses the intuitive interface of a traditional dolls house, albeit with anthropomorphized characters, to explore a narrative with multiple plot threads. By placing characters face to face spectators can listen into conversations in order to navigate the story and find out more information about events.

Inspired by the techniques of Victorian ‘Ingénieurs’ (the engineers behind magicians)and the imagery of contemporary Japanese designers such as Nagi Noda, the artist created a piece that augments the computer with the internal mechanics of a modern illusory toy. An exploration of author Arthur C. Clarke's third law, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

The installation uses the fidicial tracking patch developed by the Reactable team in 2003 to create their collaborative electronic music instrument. A webcam set in the hollow plinth of the installation points up, looking through the perspex floor of the dolls house tracking fidicial markers placed on the bases of characters. This allows VVVV to determine the x and y postions of characters as well as their orientation.

VVVV passes these values to Adobe Director through the OSC encoder to the OSCXtra plugin. Depending on characters orientation and distances from one another different audio clips are triggered giving the effect of conversations between the House Party guests.

Contact klJ3 for more information.

klj3, Tuesday, Jul 17th 2007 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

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