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From 30th October until 9th November the festival for computer-based art CYNETart_08 takes place in Dresden, Germany.

Artists from 45 countries with about 280 works have applied to participate in the festivals competition.

One of the 16 selected artworks is the BIO CAN, an interactive web installment made with vvvv. It transfers the technique of spraying a slogan from the eighties into the present.
The internet is the outer wall of today.

With the wooden BIO CAN you can spray a message at the website of a climate killer. Your picture will be saved and automatically sended as an attachment via email to the chairman of the climate desroyer.
For more information please check the website.

Another interesting artwork at the festival is "double helix" by Ursula Damm.

It is worth to visit it!
_Alexander Graf

hrovac, Tuesday, Nov 4th 2008 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Architecture firm UN Studio invited MESO Digital Interiors to provide a projected lighting design for their built contribution to this year' Venice Architecture Biennale.
The result is a 9-Beamer batch of pretty pixels loosely based on YouTube serendipiclips. Video coated surfaces! Ultra short throw ratios! Unnerved Dikis! Link

diki, Thursday, Oct 30th 2008 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Outdoor Show in The Hague by MAXALOT Gallery, 26-27 September 2008

Press Release

What if you had a special little helper who could assist your own creativity into creating the most intricate layout of various curious and beautifully detailed objects and things. Who would be the real creator? What if you had actually made this special little helper yourself to begin with? Artists working with programming do just that, they create a very powerful creator and let them do the hard work. Through computer software algorithms written in various scripting languages more and more artists now use these powerful tools to have information generate mind blowing imagery. This "processing" of information happens in a combination of order and disorder, and although most behaviours are very much so controlled by the artists, the outcome is always somewhat of a surprise.

For this event, this public outdoor exhibition, Maxalot will present a selection of todays finest generative artists and have their work light up part of the VROM building next to The Hague's Central Station using another powerful tool, Light.

Turfweg/Zwarte Markt
The Hague, The Netherlands

Participating Artists (alphabetacily)

Neil Banas
Eno Henze
Tina Frank
Pedro Mari (aka defetto)
Karsten Schmidt (aka toxi)
Jim Soliven
Marius Watz
Mike Paul Young

For more information see:


there will be 2 vvvvorks in the exhibition:

Party Collider by Eno Henze(left)
also see: http://www.enohenze.de/works2008/subjektbeschleuniger/


Panta Rei by Pedro Mari (defetto)(right)
also see: http://www.flickr.com/photos/defetto/sets/72157602683025565/

eno, Saturday, Sep 20th 2008 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

this is our first aproach to the idea of a 3d navigator for your destop
( the real one, the wooden ). you have to move a pen over a projected
horizontal section of an architectual plan. if the pen will rest over
one of the rooms a 3d view of this room shows up. you can turn around
by moving the pen within the room.


the flavoring ingredients are flash, a webcam for the colortracker,
a beamer and of course vvvv!

MFstone, Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2008 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

disjecta is an installation by me, Patrick Raddatz comprising of 72 split flap modules. Fragments of own texts, snippets of recorded talks and the remnants of excursions in books and music are cut-up like on display for a while, aleatorically selected. Seconds pass by, the display time varying unpredictably until that very sentence starts to mutate. Single letters or words change, altering meanings, changing directions.

And again after some time has passed, keywords of those sentences appear, one writing over the other, until the next cycle of full sentences gets displayed.

disjecta is a textual process characterized by remembering and decay, echoes of a past in variable distance and the transformation and creation of opinions.

This installation came to life during my MESO Artist in Residence term and runs on a fine patch created by Sebastian Oschatz (already hacked by me :D ), who has realized the core technical development along with Wolfgang Schemmert of Cinetix, based on my reverse engineering of this stone age technology during my internship at MESO. It will be soon on display at the Festival Junger Talente 2008 and my first solo show at the 1822-Forum in Frankfurt am Main. Yay!

patrick, Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2008 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

hi folks. there´s a funny docu on my performance group fuckhead in the web, that features some live material: http://www.castyourart.com/index.php/2008/06/18/025-fuckhead-dieses-schone-lied/

unfortunately in german, but you can see some glimpses of our projections. all realtime, soundreactive and done with vvvv by sinus aka the austrian dwarve with the tattoo bodysuit. a shoutout to deaxismundi for his fancy tendrilshader!
more pix from our show inhttp://www.myspace.com/bodylord. check photo album donaufestival. (btw. the lovely boy with the wig is famous ron athey from LA. joreg met him last year on the way to the siggraph)



sinus, Saturday, Jun 21st 2008 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

hi all of you guys!!!

it was a pity for me that I could not come to the node08...
i know that it was great...

so here following you can see a little list of the works we did in the last 2 month...
I hope you will like it.


Citroen moving landscape
(exhibition design + video projections done for the winners projects of Combine Connect Create design competition, milan design week 2008)

tiscali TV
(interactive table and floor done for the presentation of the new TV on demand by tiscali, Rome 08/05/08)

Valcucine's Skyscraper
(video installation done during the milan design week 2008 in zona tortona, supestudiopiù)

Aquafresh table
(interactive table done for the presentation of a new Aquafresh toothpaste in milano 08/04/08)

and another one that is a bit older but i never published on our web site before (22/09/07)
Jerusalem like Rome, Rome like Jerusalem
(there was 2 container connected together and they was a mirror but also a windows on the other city depending on the presence of someone in front of it)

unfortunately our website in only in italian... we are translating it...

ales9000, Tuesday, Jun 3rd 2008 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Here is our new multi touch table.It's name Table Cube
It stills a prototype but works really fine.
It was shown in Nantes's Castle (France).
The whole system is developed on vvvv and uses Contour and Trautner technologies provided by vvvv.

You can watch the video report here

DigitalSlaves, Wednesday, May 28th 2008 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  


The ZEN STATION is a bio-feedback controlled game for two players.
The heartrate and the blood oxygen level of both players are measured in realtime using sensor technology.

The goal of the game is to beat the antagonist simply by being cool.
Whoever manages to stay calmer over a period of time wins the game.

jannis, Friday, Apr 18th 2008 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Mix U Up! is an interactive game for three players, developed by Abraham Manzanares, Javier Lloret, Jordi Puig and Paola R. Salillas.

Cyan, magenta, and yellow circles are projected on the playground floor; each player chooses a color that will represent them and follow them as they move around the area.
A variety of colored rectangles are then projected on the floor, and time begins to count down.

Players have to move and match their circle to the identically colored rectangles to gain more time. However, not only cyan, magenta, and yellow colored rectangles are projected. Players must combine their own circles to create different colors in order to catch the mixed colors on the floor.

Teamwork is sometimes necessary, but players should not forget that ultimately only one will survive.

You can watch a video here

Mix U Up! was exhibited at node08 .
Thanks a lot guys .

colorsound, Thursday, Apr 17th 2008 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

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domj: Midweek Patch Therapy later today at 17:30 ⌚ Come discuss sequencers, the VL language and your patches. https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/come-join-midweek-patch-therapy/18430/17?u=domj

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joreg: Looking for support for your #AI project? Try this: https://www.link-niedersachsen.de/link-masters

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blausand: Ill be in #Warszawa next weekend. Any #vvvv people around to meet?

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sebescudie: Last call, c'est ce soir : webinaire en français pour débutants sur #vvvv gamma! https://thenodeinstitute.org/event/introduction-au-creative-coding-avec-vvvv-gamma-francais/

~14d ago

domj: Ultra high definition volumetric visualization using GPUDirect storage https://youtu.be/GAZP1NcdWMo

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CeeYaa: thx for V4-Meetup - some days ago 40th_RetuneStudioVisit from old friends RefikAnadol and Quadrature https://vimeo.com/429510091

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david: 4. worldwide vvvv meetup will be here...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0zd68tDUVE

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mediadog: @metrowave Magnetic repulsion has always been pure magic to me, proof we only sense a small part of the universe - thanks!