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WALK” is an interactive installation designed and developed by Adobe Creative Resident Takuma Nakata in collaboration with Patricia Reiners. It investigates the possibilities of experiencing motion as a continuous walk in cities. The idea to generate WALK was inspired by our feeling of crowdedness and wish for capturing the time present in cities.

Machine Learning
The installation uses the advances in artificial intelligence which en-able algorithms to recognize and simulate time and movement using machine learning algorithm to detect human bodies and movement.

User Experience
Integrating an intuitive user experience to engage the user. On two screens the user can adjust the density of the image capturing as well as the style. This installation was designed in Adobe XD.

Machine Learning and the visual parts we're all made using vvvv beta and vl using YOLO Detectiona and many other plugins such as Particle packs, Instance Noodles and so on. Tiny UI was made using Intel NUC and Adobe XD.

Design & Development by Takuma Nakata
UX / UI Design Patricia Reiners
Art Direction: Yuta Ichinose
Music: Julien Miere

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