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vvvvhat happened in November 2015

previously on vvvv: vvvvhat happened in October 2015

ouright scratch that,

it seems everyone is just too busy to write a review for last month so i'll appoint myself again. oh thanks. i'm welcome... off the top of my head i remember that again a lot of things happened last month, so lets see what i can find...


i visited woei at his desk last week where he showed my some crazy stuff thats still to come. but he has already cleaned out his harddisk and found the following:

also the following got updated:


and a lot of teasing this time:

if you know your github and can't wait for contributions help yourself with these:


i forgot to mention this beauty by lasal last month: tesela-interactive-paper-sculpture. this time i couldn't really decide on my favorite...so i go for the obvious:

but also these are worth watching:

and new in my rss-reader this month: https://uberact.com/blog/


a lot of things going on education-wise. most notably of course mr. microdee has started his series of weekend workshops. not exactly very straight workshops one could argue, but definitely interesting vvvv-entertainmaint if you have a few hours to spend. he provides uncut version of all livestreams is his vveekend vvorkshops youtube channel.

vux, ain and idwyr apparently have something coming up in moscow polytech.science.art-week-audiovision-lab.

if you happen to be in beautiful venice coming weekend check out these: 2-workshops-interactive-art.

eps and antokhio talked vvvv at the cg-event in moscow one and two.

and if today i were to choose a study, i'd apply here: http://www.interactivearchitecture.org/
it seems they had a nice vvvv-workshop running last week which they flooded twitter with. if you're quick you'll find a bunch of nice snippets posted by students here: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23vvvv

phew...the end.

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velcrome 02/12/2015 - 04:46

Sorry for the delay for ZeroMQ, it is coming along big time!

Still waiting for more feedback from github experts, but anyone waiting for a compiled contrib: It'll be sooner than the next StarWars for sure.

Also, make sure to watch the schnellebuntebilder on vimeo for HD, those artifacts are deceiving.

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~6d ago

joreg: Workshop on 30.11: Strategies for Sound Reactive Graphics: How to control everything through sound Signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ws23-vvvv-02-how-to-control-everything-through-sound/

~15d ago

joreg: The vvvv winter semester course program is out, starting with a free course on November 23rd: https://thenodeinstitute.org/ws23-vvvv-intermediates

~16d ago

LCA: ravazque, this guy is working on this v3 since ever. check: https://nuitrack.com/

~26d ago

~2mth ago

karistouf: done with vvvv beta :) https://vimeo.com/872242439

~2mth ago

joreg: Mapping festical call for projects: https://mappingfestival.com/en/call-for-projects

~2mth ago

joreg: Starting October 16: vvvv beginner class winter 23/24 Sign up here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ws23-vvvv-beginner-class/