» vvvv intern (patching assistant) wanted! Job offer in St.Petersburg Russia
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vvvv intern (patching assistant) wanted! Job offer in St.Petersburg Russia


We are looking for a patching assistant in St.Petersburg, Russia.
We need patcher offline (means live in person), because we need to emergency change ready projects. Online (means distance job) is not suitable for that.

We are not care about your current vvvv skills and background.
Your ambitions to use vvvv as main tool are most important for us as well as your desire to do the job well.

Mostly we are working on multitouch applications.
Not vj-ing. Not contemporary art. Not video tracking.

You won't need to spend all day in our office, but you have to be ready to come any day. Money is in. But please remember we are not Gazprom and we are looking for assistant, not head patcher.

Feel free to contact bo27 in skype (andrey.bo.27) anytime i'm online. Or by email anytime. Hope you are smart enough to find my email and show me you are not a spambot.


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everyoneishappy 22/09/2011 - 02:16

Been loving the work you are doing! If I was just a little bit younger, and in Russia, I would come knocking. But unfortunately I am old and not in Russia.

Best of luck with finding a good helper.

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