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vvvv competition: PATCH SLAM

This year's Alpha-Ville festival is happening in London from the 21st September until the 25th. As part of the festival there will be a weekend of digital installations in the very large basement of Netil House.

Hayden Anyasi as most of you will know of as Hadasi has for the past few weeks been putting together a vvvv lab which will reside in the centre of the Alpha-Ville digital installations at Netil House. The lab will host the very first vvvv team competition: PATCH SLAM.

The competition aims to pit three teams of five creatives against each other. The teams will be made up of three vvvv developers and two none developers who will work together to create an interactive performance. Each team's performance will centre around a young poet speaking a short poem. The poem's will be selected by a panel of judges from the Poet Society who have hosted a competition especially for PATCH SLAM.

The teams will receive their poem on the 18th September and will be able to begin work on the performance straight away. The performances will take place the following week over a three day period with one team performing on each day. At the end of the festival the public will vote online for their favourite piece.

To enter the competition please contact Hayden hayden@v4wednesday.com detailing your level with vvvv and if possible linking us to some of your vvvv work. If you are entering as a team please list all contact details for your team and links to portfolios. The final teams will be announced on Friday, 15th September so apply NOW if you would like to take part!

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Hadasi 14/09/2011 - 23:48

Cheers Gaz,

More here: V4Wednesday

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