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Vivid Visuals with VVVV

Who Workshop lead by Boris Vitázek//Stix
When Thu, Apr 19th 2012 - 16:30 until Sat, Apr 21st 2012 - 19:30
Where CIANT | International Centre for Art and New Technologies, Kubelíkova 1548/27, 12800, Prague, Czech Republic

CIANT invites you for intensive workshop of BORIS VITÁZEK in VVVV usage for interacitve video design. Three afternoons, in perfect space of CIANT lab, with enthusisastic lector and the people creative and flaming for design just as you are... (The series is of course free of charge.)

Zveme všechny zájemce o interaktivní design na intenzivní workshop zaměřený na základy užívání populárního programovacího prostředí VVVV. Třídenní školení pod vedením Borise Vitázka poběží přímo v labu mezinárodního centra CIANT. Během tří dnů se seznámíte se základy VVVV, abyste na konci byli

check in: vvvvorkshop@ciant.cz


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~3d ago

auralscapes: By the way, if anyone would like to use any of my tracks or even parts thereof you are welcome. No fee. jerome@auralscapes.com

~3d ago

auralscapes: Thx for the advice. Much appreciated.

~3d ago

tonfilm: @auralscapes you can contact the author @dottore and ask him for the conditions.

~3d ago

auralscapes: A question for the group. I came across an application called Partitura. Is this app commercially available?

~4d ago

auralscapes: Don't have a clue how this all works but it is going to be an interesting journey indeed.

~7d ago

tonfilm: @all #vl now also has pin groups! vl-input-and-output-pin-groups #vvvv #creativecoding #visualprogramming #dotnet

~8d ago

evvvvil: Hey, broski, check my shader "The gamma ray feast" it goes bang and is commented with bad to mediocre jokes. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/wssXWl

~10d ago

hrovac: someone at b-seite on saturday?