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world of aec

(documentation)video-archives of the 25 years of ars electronica installed in shanghai at the ars electronica special exhibition within the eArts festival 2007. each entry is linked to its categories and its division of aec. randomly videos popup - up to three videos at the time.
interactive version not yet public.

curve_shader mod for connections shader for image and videodisplay (fog and DOF), information via xml

rough videocut here
more photos of the exhibition here

vvvv by woei

ars electronica animation festival07

sujet, jingle & inserts. over 200 randomgenerated titleinserts for screening during the festival. jingle sounddesign by mes.

rosecurve-vertexshader (calculation of normals is not yet correct...)
Text ex9.metrix mod for the text

video here

vvvv by woei


semantic net about massive multiplayer online games. entries connected to categories and genres. random popup of entries revealing more details. random focus of cats and genres attracting appendant games.

Text ex9 metrix mod
curve shader mod
info retrieved from a mysql-db

vvvv by woei


reactive 'binary' clock at the foyer of linz' spitz hotel.

vvvv by zepi
custom built c++ application for cameratracking

more details here

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~1d ago

ggml: what a treat it is to sample the microdevil_intersect help patch from time to time

~6d ago

evvvvil: "FM-2030's messenger": Result of Tuesday's improvised live coding session on Twitch. 106 lines of shader code. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/3slyRX

~7d ago

metrowave: Thanks @Takuma, nice job!

~8d ago

u7angel: thanx cat, i would have missed the streaming...

~8d ago