» Trying to extend GetVertexData (DX11.GeomFX) by TexCoord1...
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Trying to extend GetVertexData (DX11.GeomFX) by TexCoord1...

Hi evvvverybody,
after four years i'm giving it another try:
Tampering meshes with two UV-sets in DX11 including reading/writing to disk. I hope we can figure this ut this time.
I started adapting GetVertexData and it's geometry shaders, but obviously the expansion does not work as expected.
Link to a new forum thread might follow ;)

blausand, Tuesday, Jan 22nd 2019 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 1 comments  
blausand 22/01/2019 - 12:19

This is the adaption of the geometryShader for UV1:

RWStructuredBuffer<float2> RWValueBuffer : BACKBUFFER;
ByteAddressBuffer vData;
uint buffersize;
void CS(uint3 dtid : SV_DispatchThreadID)
    if (dtid.x > buffersize) { return; }
    RWValueBuffer[dtid.x] = float2(asfloat(vData.Load(dtid.x * 40 + 32)),asfloat(vData.Load(dtid.x * 40 + 36)));
technique11 UV1
    pass P0
        SetComputeShader( CompileShader( cs_5_0, CS() ) );

See the hard-wired stride size of 40? I changed this from 32 for all four shaders but somehow i doubt that is correct.

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