» The 2015 Survvvvey - Results
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The 2015 Survvvvey - Results

helo evvvveryone,

sorry for being a bit late with this. We've planned to include the survvvvey results in this years keynode but ran out of time to prepare it. So now here you are:

Some more...

Do you know the beautiful Wordle? We took all your answers to the "best&worst" questions and put them through it. This also reflects the overall mood quite a bit. (Stole that idea from the Openframeworks survey results. Scroll down to compare with their word-clouds).

Click images above to enlarge

For those interested in educational institutions that support vvvv here are the three most prominently featured universities where people learned vvvv:

Regarding wiki-page translations we plotted: How many people prefer to read wiki-pages in their primary spoken language rather than the english original versions. (In brackets: number of people who specified that primary language):

  • chinese 100% (2)
  • japanese 75% (4)
  • korean 75% (4)
  • spanish 73% (22)
  • italian 46% (13)
  • russian 40% (15)
  • german 28% (127)
  • french 16% (19)

Interesting with the french, isn't there this stereotype that they are not very much interested in other languages?


A few more details on licensing:

Do you use vvvv in any professional/income-generating work?
Yes 47.2%
No 52.8%
Have you worked on a commercial project where for some reason no license was bought?
Yes 29.7%
No 70.3%

Where, when asked why no license was bought the answer was mostly "because the project was to small to afford a license". But some of you gave a more..personal answer:

  • "Boss is a cheap idiot that don't want to pay for licences."
  • "because I've been working with fuckers, who don't give a shit at licences..."
  • "Always tell my boss they sould buy a license for big projects. Boss is a dick."

Specifically the last one sounds quite unfortunate when i picture that literally. Word of advice if you find yourself in such a situation: Don't stop looking for more interesting people to work with. Yes, they can be very hard to find, but it is soo rewarding once you got them!

Thanks everyone for taking the time to fill out the survvvvey. If you've got any ideas how to improve the questionnaire for next year, please let us know in the forum thread started by h99: The 2015 Survvvvey.

joreg, Monday, Jun 8th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 6 comments  
Grandchild 08/06/2015 - 16:32

Really cool! Thanks for the nice presentation. :)

I want to read more of the 'best thing' / 'biggest challenges' quotes!!

sebescudie 08/06/2015 - 19:56

Cool to read those results, nice presentation :)

ventolinmono 09/06/2015 - 03:52

I hope my ex-boss reads this.

ggml 09/06/2015 - 05:04

you dont have to explain to the boss that it technically works without a license

blausand 09/06/2015 - 21:50

Thanks for rewarding us with that lovely info grafik.
Really need to click a decent beard on amazun tonight :{)D

schlonzo 16/01/2019 - 13:15

always those bosses...

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