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shout by mrboni

thanks all. so you still use 2015 MD? I used the vvvv editor for a while then tried VS2017 again and it worked... very odd

mrboni, Friday, Jan 5th 2018  
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~6h ago

david: @neuston: email is going out very soon!!!

~6h ago

neuston: @sunep Thx, but I have checked the spam folder but could not fine any

~8h ago

sunep: @neustron have you checked your spam folder? Mine went to spam.

~10h ago

neuston: I've not received any activation email for Talque, after purchased tickets of NODE20 last week. Is it normal? just want to confirm.

~17h ago

boplbopl: @tonfilm nice!

~18h ago

tonfilm: The first #vl #stride screenshots are here! vl.stride-earlyaccess-screenshots #visualprogramming #dotnet @stride3d #creativecoding #vvvv #gamedev

~1d ago

udo2013: @systray27 thank you :)

~3d ago

systray27: @Udo2013> Wow that's beautiful!

~8d ago

mediadog: @tonfilm Thanks! Need to kill a specific vvvv instance, so that enables "taskkill /FI "WINDOWTITLE eq (title)"