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@seltzdesign: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/20-series/ yes but https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2018/08/21/nvidia-rtx-20-graphics-cards-why-you-should-jump-off-the-hype-train/#62f08c3e3f8e

io, Wednesday, Aug 22nd 2018  
seltzdesign 22/08/2018 - 08:32

io Sure, but I'm not buying it for gaming and I'm not even buying it right now. But I like the idea of real-time RT actually being possible. Octane gets so tantalizingly close with a lot of graphics power. The potential of RTX is more than graphics though. Convenient that Forbes doesn't mention any of the other improvements for neural networks, etc. but instead itself only jumps on the hype train of computer gamers' quest for fps. I won't buy an RTX to get 10 more fps, but for real gains. In the end, only time will tell how much those will have an impact and get implemented in software. If I compare game engines with octane though, then yes, I am much more looking forward to real-time RT, because the reality is, that it indeed generally "just works".

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~8h ago

karistouf: blocked. i had to copy paste the subpatch to get ride of it. Some bugs surely due that is a Loaded on the fly patch ID.thankyou

~1d ago

sebescudie: @karistouf: CTRL+T ?

~1d ago

karistouf: the reset shortut alt right doenst do it

~1d ago

karistouf: @joreg, i know but i dint see any "revert to normal way " shortcut...

~1d ago

joreg: @karistouf you can find all shortcuts for vvvv beta listed here: https://betadocs.vvvv.org/using-vvvv/the-user-interface/ui-reference.html

~1d ago

karistouf: HAEM.... on beta, how to get ride of of the Always on the top option ?

~12d ago

ravazquez: indeed!