» "Post Mortem" wins Cynetart-Price 2010
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"Post Mortem" wins Cynetart-Price 2010

Post Mortem by Jannis Kreft

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Post Mortem by Jannis Kilian Kreft

CYNETART is an international festival for computer-aided art in Dresden. The festival has been the focal point of the research at Trans-Media-Akademie (TMA) Hellerau for 14 years now. This work has made the festival become a countrywide and internationally recognised platform of digital culture – providing an in-depth overview of current developments of technology-based art.

"Post Mortem" by Jannis Kilian Kreft was awarded with the Cynetart-price 2010 amongst three other great exhibits by artists such as Verena Friedrich, André und Michel Décosterd and Anke Eckhardt.

Post Mortem by Jannis Kreft
Post Mortem by Jannis Kreft
Post Mortem by Jannis Kreft

I'd greatly like to thank the people that supported me with Post Mortem especially:
The Cynetart team, especially Klaus Nicolai, Thomas Dunke, Werner Jauk, Julia Rülicke. // Furthermore Miriam Hohmuth, Thomas Eichhorn, Paul Scheytt, Jochen Leinberger, Nils Buhlert, Tebjan Halm, Felipe, Gregsn, Olga Grischtschenko, Markus Schilling, Phillip Lorenz, Frank Basta, Simon Sanchez, Kalle, Sebastian Herminghaus, Meso, Dresdener Stiftung Kunst & Kultur and the people of Dresden.

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