» our old friends the Radiolarians seem to be invoked
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our old friends the Radiolarians seem to be invoked

from the excellenthttp://dataisnature.com/ blog:
Exotic Geometries 1 : Paper Tessellations and Spidrons.

think Chuck Hobermans furniture designs while reading

"Origami tessellations take a simple crease pattern unit and repeat this across the paper. Chris Palmer has developed the art to new heights. The mathematics of the topic have been developed by a number of people including Toshikazu Kawasaki, Helena Verrill, Tom Hull and Robert Lang. Over the past seven years I have written a computer program, called Tess, to aid the design of these models. Some of my work is shown in the gallery. You can also find crease patterns for some of these models to make your own, or buy the Paper Mosaics e-book for more models."http://www.papermosaics.co.uk/index.html

"This is my favorite method of sanity maintenance. Each of these was folded from one sheet of paper... no cutting and no drawing allowed. Just folding. I haven't yet tracked down the origins of this particular branch of origami, but I know that some of the early work was done by Kawasaki and Fujimoto and most of the recent innovation has been by Chris Palmer."http://www.spundreams.net/~andy/origami/tessellations.html (scroll down)

"The Spidron is a planar figure consisting of two alternating sequences of isosceles triangles which, once it is folded along the edges, exhibits extraordinary spatial properties. The Spidron can be used to construct various space-filling polyhedra and reliefs, while its deformations render it suitable for the construction of finely adjustable dynamic structures"http://www.szinhaz.hu/edan/SpidroNew/index.html

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