» Opening »I Forgot More, Than You'll Ever Know« in Berlin
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Opening »I Forgot More, Than You'll Ever Know« in Berlin

When Sat, Aug 22nd 2009 - 02:00

Hello again…

Please feel welcome to visit the opening of my forthcoming exhibition in Berlin, not only showing photographs but a vvvv driven installation too. I'll have some beer and vodka cold and ready for those visiting the opening. The exhibition is hosted by a permanent gallery of my University, so watch that space :)
»I Forgot More, Than You'll Ever Know«
by Patrick Raddatz

Saturday 22nd August 2009, 7pm

Exhibition date:
23nd August – 12th September 2009

Opening Hours:
Saturday and Sunday, 12am – 6pm, and by appointment

HfG Offenbach : Satellit Berlin
Schererstraße 9 -11, 13347 Berlin

By showing two recently finished works and one newly started series, Patrick Raddatz, student at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach, opens his second solo exhibition on 22nd August 2009.

The title of a country song from 1947 »I Forgot More, Than You'll Ever Know« refers to the works »disjecta« and »now is blessed, the rest, remembered«, researching both the processes of recollections and their transformation in different ways. Whereas »disjecta« displays fragments of texts in a cut-up manner using discarded information systems, »now is blessed, the rest, remembered« traces the remainders of memories by means of Photography. The third, photographic and yet untitled work will be shown in a large format work in progress situation.


The exhibition was realized in cooperation with Secondhome Projects Berlin and MESO Digital Interiors.

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