» OPEN CALL | Wisp Festival Leipzig
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OPEN CALL | Wisp Festival Leipzig

Who Wisp
When Fri, Nov 18th 2016 - 10:00 until Sun, Nov 20th 2016 - 20:00
Where Gieszer '16, Gieszerstraße 16, Leipzig, Germany

Date: 18. - 20. November '16
Location: Bermudadreieck, 04229 Leipzig-Plagwitz, Germany

The „Wisp – Festival for Digital Arts“, from 18th - 20th of November in Leipzig, welcomes submissions on this year`s theme „The stranger within us“.

Under the theme "The stranger within us", based on a lecture of the german psychoanalyst Arno Gruen in 2009, the exhibition will invite the guests to experience several interactive artworks from international artists with all senses and to reflect the loss of empathy in our society with the consequently personal and political consequences.

You are welcome to submit media art projects, installations/sculptures, video-art and performance art works, according to the theme of the festival and/or to share your knowledge about a special hardware/software tool and/or working techniques with it. The festival appreciates beginner and professional workshops for "vvvv beginner/professional workshops" and "VR Basics.

Please send your works`submissions with some still images (for video-art), links of videos and pictures of artworks via email to festival@wisp-kollektiv.de or call 0170 4014232 for further questions or a brief talk.

We look forward to your submissions,
Your Wisp Team

Deadline for applications is September 20, 2016

The number of works you can submit is unlimited

Email Adress: festival@wisp-kollektiv.de

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~19h ago

joreg: Two #vvvv workshops this week in #berlin: Friday: Physical Computing, Saturday: Computer Vision. Tickets: upcoming-full-day-vvvv-gamma-workshops-in-berlin

~1d ago

joreg: @cznickesz also feel free to join our chat for such questions: chat

~1d ago

cznickesz: @joreg: Yeah, I´ll give it a try! Thx

~2d ago

joreg: @cznickesz: we're hoping this week. but depends on feedback. please test your project and let us know if it works.

~2d ago

cznickesz: @joreg: I should stop asking my questions so cryptic ;-) So right away: is final Beta39 hours, days or weeks away?

~2d ago

joreg: @cznickesz: the idea of an RC is exactly to make sure your projects will work with it. your last chance to report problems with b39.

~2d ago

cznickesz: So how "RC" is the "RC3"? I have to update an old project soon and I´m wondering if I should wait and directly update to Beta39

~2d ago

joreg: @takuma, the "one frame" issue was fixed in RC3 for beta39, see: beta39-release-candidate

~2d ago

Takuma: @joreg thank!! Ill try this. Are there a way to send video texture from vvvv to vl? fromimage node in vl somehow only sends 1 frame

~2d ago

cznickesz: @ravasquez thx, so I need to stop avoiding nuget in the end ;-)