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Musik ist … Music is …

When Sat, Feb 7th 2009 - 01:00

G'day evvvveryone,

I'll be performing a conceptual visual vvvvork along with Frankfurt based DJ Vera Heindel (Oslo Records) on the night of February 7th at the Robert Johnson Club in Offenbach/M (Germany). I'm asking all of you to participate (it's easy :) — anyone can participate in that performance, independent of you wanting to show up on that night.

  • Music is … What is music? What does it do with us? Why does it move us? Music is particularily different for each of us and still it touches us and means a lot to us.
  • Music is … Try to describe, what music means to you, how you experience it. You may as well quote somebody.
  • Music is … We ask you to place calls on our answering machine (or send a mail if you prefer) and tell us what music is for you. The recordings will be transcribed and sampled, the samples will be used by Bruno Pronsato playing live that night and the DJs Vera and Zip of Perlon Rec. fame. I'll visualize all definitions that night and there'll be a limited edition poster too.

In short:

  1. Think up a short definition of what music is to you
  2. Call our answering machine +49(0)69-48981457 or send a mail to musik-ist(äd)below20hz.net
  3. Tell us your definition and, if you cite someone, the source of the quotation
  4. If you like, join us on Feb. 7th at the Robert Johnson Club and see/hear what music is to us

Happy to see/hear from you,
patrick & Vera

Shouts go out to MESO Digital Interiors and satis&fy AG for helping me out with bits of hardware & wisdom!

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