» Motion Bank choreographic coding lab - November 2013
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Motion Bank choreographic coding lab - November 2013

Who motionbank
When Tue, Nov 26th 2013 until Fri, Nov 29th 2013
Where Z Zentrum, Schmidtstr. 12, 60326, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Hey all,

just wanted to spread the word about the first CHOREOGRAPHIC CODING LAB that we are hosting as part of the final event of the dance research project Motion Bank (http://motionbank.org/). It will take place between 26-29 NOVEMBER 2013 in Frankfurt.


We are setting this up to reach out into the different creative coding communities (Processing / OpenFrameworks / VVVV) to foster projects that involve choreographic thinking (and code).

The invited artists / coders that will be present and hacking in the lab include: Zach Lieberman, Andreas Müller, Cedric Kiefer, Christian Loclair, Sebastian Huber, Johannes Timpernagel, Marko Ritter, Maik Dahte, David Brüll.

The lab is free and open for small teams to apply with a project as long as any of the 20 slots (= total people) are available. See website for application form (link above).

This lab is organised in cooperation with NODE Forum for Digital Art (http://node.vvvv.org/).

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schlonzo: yeah! shader input pins now also visible, while the variable it not used!

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