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Mix U Up!

Mix U Up! is an interactive game for three players, developed by Abraham Manzanares, Javier Lloret, Jordi Puig and Paola R. Salillas.

Cyan, magenta, and yellow circles are projected on the playground floor; each player chooses a color that will represent them and follow them as they move around the area.
A variety of colored rectangles are then projected on the floor, and time begins to count down.

Players have to move and match their circle to the identically colored rectangles to gain more time. However, not only cyan, magenta, and yellow colored rectangles are projected. Players must combine their own circles to create different colors in order to catch the mixed colors on the floor.

Teamwork is sometimes necessary, but players should not forget that ultimately only one will survive.

You can watch a video here

Mix U Up! was exhibited at node08 .
Thanks a lot guys .

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