» "La escritura del dios" for electric/MIDI guitar, live electronics and video
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"La escritura del dios" for electric/MIDI guitar, live electronics and video

credits Alessandro Perini; Stefan Östersjö

Alessandro Perini
"La escritura del dios" (2010)
for electric/MIDI guitar, live electronics and interactive video
Stefan Östersjö, guitar
December 4th, 2010
Inter Arts Center, Malmö (Sweden)

Video frame

The reference is to one of Jorge Luis Borges’ short stories, included in El Aleph. In Borges’ text, an Aztec priest is imprisoned by a spanish conquistador. The priest/magician tries to decipher the spots on the fur of a jaguar in order to find a magic formula that would set him free.
In this piece, the magic formula is constituted by two scales (derived from the tuning of an Aztec flute) used to build the entire musical plot. This formula is then hidden and filtered in different ways, following the processes occurring on the visual level. The interactive video system, reacting to the guitar’s audio and MIDI signal, plays with a granular background of sand (dreamt by the priest in the short story), a fragmented image of the jaguar and a set of symbols taken from the codex Fejérváry-Mayer, an Aztec mauscript containing a sacred calendar.

Webpage of the project with full video:http://tinyurl.com/3eus4kp

Author's webpage:http://www.alessandroperini.com

IAC/Malmö webpage:http://iac.lu.se

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