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I am from AntiVJ

Joanie_AntiVJ, Wednesday, Jan 12th 2011 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 3 comments  
kalle 12/01/2011 - 23:50

jolie :)

Joanie_AntiVJ 13/01/2011 - 00:13

All credits to ArKano22 on gamedev, m4d for the v4 shader, and simon geilfus for additional hlsl help !

mrboni 13/01/2011 - 22:54

I *heart* SSAO

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~9d ago

joreg: @LCA remember that we also provide custom support for commercial projects: https://visualprogramming.net/#Support

~10d ago

LCA: where to ask about hardware setups: VL application over 26 1080p displays. maybe also with FUSE

~17d ago

tonfilm: @tobyk there is also this, who wants to win: https://bottosson.github.io/posts/oklab/

~24d ago

tobyk: LCH is the best color space, all the other color spaces are now big losers. https://atmos.style/blog/lch-color-space

~26d ago

schlonzo: "HowTo Work with Children" somehow I expected something else :D

~1mth ago

fleg: This Tuesday, Cologne: exhibition opening of "interwoven", textile disinformation patterns created with vvvv. https://fleg.de/news/exhibition-interwoven

~2mth ago

manuelgonzalvez: Assimp nodes all broken afted Win Update w/exception "COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW(...)"

~2mth ago

manuelgonzalvez: @levi thanks would love to! anyway managed to get something similar working based on forum search and anthokio's patches.