» Interactive Final works 2013, Kibbutzim College
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Interactive Final works 2013, Kibbutzim College


Directed by Shaul Tzemach

The students works represent different approaches of interaction.
Each one offers the experience of viewer / participant in a different way and redefining the relationship between the viewer and the work.
The principle of the feedback plays a key role in these relations, it appears on a practical level as it governs how the interaction takes place and on the conceptual level where the information which the viewer / participant feeds is coming back to him in a new way and inviting him for another observation from a slightly different angle. The works serves as a framework to which the viewer / participant pours the contents. They do not offer anything closed and finished, but the point within the process, a space of potential.

Taeessa Kriptchack, Assaf Ezra
Interactive Text installation, 2013 VVVV
This is part of a Pandora's box, a box that reveals unpleasant things, trouble, complex problems, fears, it is better to remain silent and ignore them and open the "box", for opening such a thing will cause trouble. But here, the interactive option allows the box to open up and let the fears go outside.
The work calls for viewers to send fear or discomfort, by typing on the computer, the wall corner open to everyone (anonymously). Viewer will be able to share his fear, and in addition to be a partner with the fears of other spectators.
This corner is not pleasant, but it allows the fears / pain to get out, and realize that our fears probably not so different than those of others. But this we need to find out.
Contribution Credit: tonfilm, catweasel


Songs for the drawer
Moti Brecher
Video installation, 2013 VVVV
The work expresses the contrast between western man's constant attempt to be seen as a modern, powerful and intellectual, that is often displayed by adopting modern architecture and design, and the constant feeling that hides in our sub-conscious that the earth is shaking below us and that a calamity can rock our existence at any given moment. This contrast, between stability and culture to the wild chaotic elements of existence, is true for all man kind and Is a very strongly felt in a city like Tel Aviv which declares itself a world capital of Bauhaus architecture (as acknowledged by Unesco) and a center for western culture, but in fact is located in an area in which the ground is constantly threatening to shake and military operations that verge in war frequently occur and bring the fear of extermination.

 Songs for the drawer

Naama Brant
Interactive photographic installation, 2013 VVVV
The work presents my perspective on the art world, a world where the audience actually determines what is going to be displayed at the museum and what not. The work itself is based on the principle of X-ray when watching at the work of art is we are looking for an inner truth and it also scans the job search purposes, I present X-ray work of art representing the interiors of man, all is transparent. While the viewer observing the work, he is photographing himself and he actually goes through a physical scanning as creating art and anyone who watches the work becomes a work which is displayed on the wall.


Ofri Uri
Interactive project, Kinect, 2013 VVVV
I explore the limits of the relationship between viewer and art work. How the viewer tries to crack the work, to what extent will he find a willingness to do it and how would he choose to do so.
My work requires the viewer for a sort of play and exploration, and it is not acting in his absence. To start the work, the viewer has to enter in front of the Kinect this space he will notice that every movement affects the nature of the smiley face. The smiley's immediate reaction increases the feeling of the game and the pleasure of discovery.
I wonder whether the viewer will identify which movements he had to do to get those six different modes of smiley and whether he will be stubborn enough to find them.
There is a feeling that every movement of the observer causes a change in another aspect it work, sort of butterfly effect, how your gesture, which is a metaphor for your statement, affects the outer world and the people around you and finely back to you.


Adi Taranto, Maria Pozniak
Interactive video mapping installation,2013 VVVV
The tubes are an allegory for utopian world where everything has attractive, beautiful, neat and futuristic look. Suggesting a number of theories throughout history were depicted at a remote, fascinating and compelling human fulfillment experience changed the theory and something that caused the cancellation of the original theory - for example, capitalism, communism, kibbutzim and more ... It happens as well in the work, from the outside, the room look glamorous, powerful and attractive, but when we approach it everything burns and leaves last remnant- coals.
Contribution Credit: bjorn, lecloner, misak

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