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Information in public space - communicative info points

credits David Ikuye, Tobias Brosig, Roman Grasy HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd Prof. Jörg Beck

This project is a prototype for a stationary augmented reality device to analyze a specific surrounding area.

What was our motivation?

Information is everywhere around us. Especially in public space, we are surrounded by tons of information that needs to be revealed. There has been a lot of mobile applications that uses augmented reality to show the invisible data around us. But they all have one problem in common. You always have to have a mobile device and a specific application. So how can we benefit the technology of augmented reality while providing something that can be easily accessed in public space? This question inspired us to build something stationary that works as a cognition amp for better understanding and faster information access of a surrounding area.

Whats the concept?

Our concept describes a stationary communicative point, that can stand in any interesting city spot. It enables the user to see different informations of the surrounding area. The viewable informations are:

  • architectural data ( style, architect, what happened in history?, what is the building being used for?, shops, cafes, museum, etc. )
  • historical data ( a visual approach to communicate history, adjusting a timeline would change the images to how the area looked at a certain year )
  • statistics of the city ( visually related to people that are being tracked by the system )
  • window to a partner city ( view another city )
  • connecting cities ( communicate with random people from another city in the world )
  • navigation ( direction to certain spots in the city )

further and detailled information




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