» I'm 3 t2go on 590's
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I'm 3 t2go on 590's

guest, Wednesday, Oct 26th 2011 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 3 comments  
xd_nitro 26/10/2011 - 10:28

nice! I gave this a good go a good while back and failed. Guessing a driver update may have fixed - was having some odd issues with it.

have you managed this with another GPU as a control monitor?

antokhio 27/10/2011 - 23:29

Hi xd, fail of the fail, tried with 5 20k + 2 25k Christies with optics connections, I think I need an device to fake UDID. So first I tried to do proper span on 7 heads with 2x 590's failed complete. Whatever I do I could,t add to the span 2 projectors weren't in chain) but whatever you do the monitor was in the chain. No matter you connect it to dvi or VGA or dp.... So I tried to use 3 triples ..... And got back to the stupid problem you can add 2 trippleheads from 3 and preview monitor on whatever of two cards it connected, if I try to remove it my span can't be build. So..... I installed 9800 instead of one 590's and connect preview there. At that point driver jammed completely so remove reinstall drivers, after an hour ( since technics delayed to drop our cables on few hours, it was 3-4 am, 6-7 hours of setup and 16-17 hour for me it was 2d stage yesterday) I managed to get connected 3 triple heads 2go to 590 and span them and connect preview on 9800. So next thing I open render and realized it's gray even without fullscreen whatever you do you can't see even quad inspektor showing nils when you point them to the render....... So.... I installed 590 back to computer I removed it from turned on xp two t2go's span 5 projectors done. Ok I'm thinking WTF I'll do rest on 7, but renders on that machine were still gray even without tripleheads thanks god I have xp since it faster then 7 normally....

God that fckn fail I can say two things MICROSOFT i feel slave using your wendowz! NVIDIA you are cheap Chinese yellow assed bustards go fuck yourself with your games.

Truly I look on to Mac's and they are getting faster and faster and users friendly and colors are much better, and a pc every year they are slower and slower, this refresh rate line in the middle of your render makes me mad. I don't feel myself as an artist anymore only A fckn slave

antokhio 27/10/2011 - 23:32

glossary:?Fck that what a fake instead of life I chosen! Remedy? alcohol? Gone to nightclub!

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~3d ago

karistouf: @tgd, i have reinstalled windows and cutted all updates. Thanks you !

~3d ago

tgd: @karistouf: had the same issue days ago. reinstall Visual C++ Runtime 2012 from downloads

~4d ago

karistouf: arghhh, my dx11 mesh assimp are red nodes !!! any idea ???

~18d ago

SuperflysiNZ: Thanks