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I am from Italy

fibo, Thursday, Nov 9th 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 2 comments  
joreg 09/11/2017 - 21:56

but does it animate?

fibo 15/11/2017 - 21:22

I would like help to understand if it can become a module in the addonpack or a contribution or whatever.
By now yes, it is animated and there are nice 4d rotations. It uses a stereographic projection in 4d that can send every 4d object in 3d, by now it is implemented with a patch but it could become a plugin.
Now I am working on adding normales and coordinate texture, I would need help to implement them.

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~5min ago

ggml: how to hide vl window from vvvv ?

~20h ago

CeeYaa: https://experiments.withgoogle.com/collection/ai/move-mirror/view Skeleton Tracking with my Browser - cool AI stuff

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woei: everyone who likes or has to work with 3d models: something you might wanna try scenegraph

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tonfilm: Saving and loading your own data types to disk was never easier: vl-serialization #vvvv #vl #dotNet #visualprogramming

~6d ago

stulloyd: @dominikKoller my little brother works for them.

~11d ago

vasilis: @readme I already did this...but when I reopen my patch and make some changes I press save all..and then the same again. It opens 2

~11d ago

readme: vasilis, Alt+R in your vvvv instance, delete it from vvvv root, save. Otherwise vvvv loads up the patch by default.