» field-worthy, high-definition, real-time, depth-mapping television camera
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field-worthy, high-definition, real-time, depth-mapping television camera

The HDTV Axi-Vision Camera can simultaneously capture both an ordinary HDTV color image and a depth image of objects on more than 1280 × 720 pixels at a frame rate of 29.97 Hz, or on 853 × 480 pixels at a frame rate of 59.94 Hz. The number of detectable pixels per unit time was increased by about 5 times that of the prototype camera by improving the sensitivity and resolution of the depthmapping camera.

M. Kawakita, K. Iizuka, H. Nakamura, I. Mizuno, T. Kurita, T. Aida, Y. Yamanouchi, H. Mitsumine, T. Fukaya, H. Kikuchi, and F. Sato, "High-definition real-time depth-mapping TV camera: HDTV Axi-Vision Camera"

Short video clips demonstrate how depth information from the camera can be used to create a virtual image in actual television program production

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