» Endless Pleasures - Der Singende Kopf
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Endless Pleasures - Der Singende Kopf

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Der Singende Kopf is an experimental opera fragment by Marc Sinan with a libretto by Maike Wetzel and resembles one third of the Endless Pleasures triology. The piece is based on Ovids epilogue on the story of Orpeus and Euridike and the Chinese Opera The Peony Pavilion.
For the performance the stage was transformed into an immersive room on the edge between reality and virtuality, resembling Orpheus way between life and death. The four by four grid of vertical light poles react in realtime to the performance of the partly improvising musicians, while the reflections of the light sculpture beutifully reflect on the stage floor, which was completely covered with mirror foil.

First performance at Radialsystem Berlin on April 6th, 2019


Ensemble ConTempo Beijing
Xiong Xiohan (Dizi)
Fanhe Liu (Pipa)
Jiakang Zhang ( Zheng)
Yang Zheng ( Sheng)

Marc Sinan Company
Oğuz Büyükberber (Klarinette)
Daniel Eichholz (Schlagzeug)
Almut Kühne (Gesang, Performance)
Marc Sinan (E-Gitarre. Elektronik)

Performance: Rike Schuberty

Komposition, Musikalische &
Künstlerische Leitung: Marc Sinan
Libretto: Maike Wetzel
Stagedesign: schnellebuntebilder
Objekte/ Konzept & Performance: Ulrike Langenbein
Dramaturgie: Holger Kuhla, Maike Wetzel
Produktionsleitung: Eric Nikodym, Annika Stadler // YMUSIC

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