» Einarmiger Bandit, dschordsch, 2005
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Einarmiger Bandit, dschordsch, 2005

("one-armed bandit") is a kind of gambling machine. to play with it, you insert a 1 Euro coin. the robot arm takes your coin and drops it to the ground inside the machine. next, the game starts: you have 90 seconds to get your money back using a robot arm. you control the robot arm (which has 6 axis) via a ps2-look-alike controller.

the goal is to pick your money up from the ground and drop it into a little hole. from there it falls down to a place where it can be collected by the player. here comes the best part: every time you manage to get your coin back before time is up, you receive 60 seconds bonus time during which you retain control of the robot. During these 60 seconds, you have the chance to get some of the money out of the machine which was left there by less successful players.

more images on dschordsch userpage.

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