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disjecta is an installation by me, Patrick Raddatz comprising of 72 split flap modules. Fragments of own texts, snippets of recorded talks and the remnants of excursions in books and music are cut-up like on display for a while, aleatorically selected. Seconds pass by, the display time varying unpredictably until that very sentence starts to mutate. Single letters or words change, altering meanings, changing directions.

And again after some time has passed, keywords of those sentences appear, one writing over the other, until the next cycle of full sentences gets displayed.

disjecta is a textual process characterized by remembering and decay, echoes of a past in variable distance and the transformation and creation of opinions.

This installation came to life during my MESO Artist in Residence term and runs on a fine patch created by Sebastian Oschatz (already hacked by me :D ), who has realized the core technical development along with Wolfgang Schemmert of Cinetix, based on my reverse engineering of this stone age technology during my internship at MESO. It will be soon on display at the Festival Junger Talente 2008 and my first solo show at the 1822-Forum in Frankfurt am Main. Yay!

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