» Bug with Feedback Textures
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Bug with Feedback Textures

2 Textures feeding back (4 channel 32F + 1 channel 8U)
works at first then eventually drops to black output
Get this in renderer tty

elliotwoods, Friday, Jan 7th 2011 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 6 comments  
joreg 08/01/2011 - 02:52

patch pls.

sugokuGENKI 08/01/2011 - 17:34

having trouble recreating the bug without the rest of the patch loaded
perhaps i have to run out of (GPU?) memory for it to occur.

joreg 08/01/2011 - 18:27

sounds plausible but still should show a better error then. you could easily try filling up a texture queue next to your patch to provoke "out of memory"

sugokuGENKI 08/01/2011 - 20:55

the EX9 Memory Debug node reports plenty of free memory.
This is in a 5 render-pass chain (which may be pushing against some other limitation)

I'll try to find out more about this and report results.

kalle 10/01/2011 - 19:42

i experienced similar phenomenons.

try to disable the Queue (EX9.Texture) for the first frame.

i use FrameCounter (Animation) and > (Value) for that.

sugokuGENKI 11/01/2011 - 20:19

thanks for the tip!
will try next time

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