» 4 Dimensional Deep Green, Berlin,
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4 Dimensional Deep Green, Berlin,

Where Berghain Kantine, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany

AV sets:
Frank Bretschneider (Raster Noton)
plaster + lasal (visuals)
AV Flying
Form und Zeit (Lars Ullrich, lasal)

DJ set:
Daniel Meteo (Shitkatapult)

Cost: 6€

lasal, Monday, Feb 22nd 2010 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  
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~2d ago

AKa-visuals: Hi guys. Everyone guess when xenko engine would be avaliable to play around in vl ... Isnt?

~9d ago

joreg: and right after the intro join us for our second Patching Circle: patching-circle bring your projects and problems and patch along

~9d ago

joreg: Reminder: This thursday: Free #vvvv gamma intro course: free-vvvv-intro-workshops-this-summer-in-berlin

~11d ago

gregsn: Chi!

~12d ago

tonfilm: @dominikKoller haha, you name it :D

~13d ago