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2D Mapping & Kinect Workshop

Who Shaul Tzemach
When Wed, Nov 27th 2013 - 17:00 until Wed, Nov 27th 2013 - 21:00
Where Kibbutzim College, Shoshana Persitz 3, Tel Aviv, Israel

Along a small marathon that will be held at the college, we'll run a workshop of video mapping with vvvv.
It will introduce 2D mapping techniques by designing physical models or architectural structures and applying on it different methodes of mapping. We will create content on spot and manipulate it with kinect and standard cameras.

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~2d ago

micha_nismus: worked out, thank you very much ! :-)

~3d ago

joreg: @micha_nismus does this help? https://youtu.be/xkrbT45BgOQ

~4d ago

micha_nismus: thx joerg. Can anybody help me why i can't see any renderer in gamma? thx :-)

~9d ago

joreg: @micha_nismus instead of discord, we're using matrix, see: chat

~9d ago

micha_nismus: searching for a public discord server for vvvv

~16d ago

joreg: Join us for the 20th #vvvv meetup on January 19th: https://thenodeinstitute.org/event/20-worldwide-vvvv-meetup/

~16d ago

joreg: @schlonzo re "SDSL support" did you see the Shader wizard? or do you mean something different?

~16d ago

joreg: @LCA not aware, but the HIKVision sdk comes with a c# demo. need help for a commercial project? get in touch via devvvvs@vvvv.org

~18d ago

LCA: Has anyone ever made a HIKVision GigE work with vvvv?

~22d ago

schlonzo: What's the shortcut Anton used? =)